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ilda stafa

founder and coordinator

Everything started through my personal experience when I moved to Southend-on-Sea in the UK. I cannot forget how hard everything was at the beginning; I had started a new life, in a new country. I was also pregnant and expecting my first child. In the first few months, I tried to reach any organisation to find support to start a new life, just as every mother and newcomer has the right to when they move somewhere new.
I researched online, but all I found was a place in London. There was nothing in the town where I lived.

This is how Welcome to the UK came to life - a charity founded in Southend-on-Sea to help families from overseas and it is something that I am very proud of today!

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Elsa Nathan

board of trustees

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We could not succeed and organise such events without our amazing team of our volunteers!

English classes: Emily Lusty, Terence Lewis, Natalie Taylor, Laura Clarke, Anju Lund, Chris Steggles, Sharon

Donations and Events: Elspeth Spall, Philippa Peters, Eugenia Gomera, Najiba Bougossa, Sarah Lark, Frances Tepliski

Translation and Interpreters: Lina Aldani, Gasha Bekaw, Vlada Zabielina, Liza Wiles

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