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We had a fantastic evening at the Southend Salvation Army Citadel, watching a Christmas movie in Ukrainian with our lovely Ukrainian community.

The Salvation Army gave us a warm welcome, with hot chocolate and treats to enjoy whilst watching Kevin fight off the burglars!

A big thank you to the SalvationArmy South End for organizing this event, and to  Southend-on-Sea City Council for helping facilitate the event. We look forward to next year to see what else we can do to celebrate with you all!

A huge THANK YOU to the Cliff's Pavilion for inviting 43 Ukrainian guests to this year's Peter Pan Panto! What a great show!

We're so glad to gave been able to share one of the greatest British Christmas traditions with our Ukrainian friend – this is what Welcome To The UK is all about, integration and fun!

The Christmas Friendship Meal was such a joyous event .

There were Christmas Craft activities for all children. A special Traditional Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings was served to everyone including mince pies.

Christmas songs playing in the background.

Everyone had fun and we definitely felt festive!

Thank you to everyone that attended and the catering staff for the absolutely lovely meal including the transport that was provided for the event.

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