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Connected Arts Festival

These Christmas Cards have been designed by our most talented and creative volunteer Alena Pedan from Ukraine

They are unique and represents Southend beautifully

We had so much support from the public, with the cards purchased for family and friends.

We had a very special visit from the Mayor at our Victoria Shopping Plaza hub for the Connected Arts Festival.

Welcome to the UK was part of the festival and we sold Christmas Cards designed by our most talented and creative volunteer, Alena Pedan. We love to be able to showcase our volunteers and their many skills!

Wanna took 20 cards with her to a major Thai festival organised by the Wat Thai Temple in Southend and held at Runneymede Hall in Benfleet.

She was there most of the day and throughout the afternoon / early evening she was selling them together with some Thai sweets she made at home on Saturday evening!

She also had a few donations from other people who didn't buy any cards.

Thank you of course to our volunteers as always and thank you to our customers!

20th of November

We had some excellent efforts made by one of our lovely volunteers at the weekend - following some very successful selling of Christmas cards at Victoria Plaza.

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