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Christmas session

An exciting Update from Grays Hub!

As Christmas approached, our spirits were high! We sent a massive shout out to the amazing Elspeth Spall for sprinkling some holiday magic at our hub. Thanks to her, our space became ready for the festive seasons with beautiful decorations, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all our members!

But that's not all! We also hosted another enlightening session, all thanks to the incredible support from the 'Multiply Fund.' Our members, aged 19 and over, dived into the world of Math, exploring its importance for adults. It's all about learning, growing, and empowering ourselves, and we're grateful to have such valuable opportunities at Grays Hub.

A huge shout out to everyone who participated and contributed to making today a success! Your enthusiasm and energy make Grays Hub the vibrant community it is.

We had another wonderful time at Wellbeing Garon Park for our monthly friendship meal, this time, our theme was Thanksgiving, as the meal took place on the exact date of this American celebration.

A big thank you to Sharon for the delicious meal! Thank you also to Clive and his wife for helping out in the kitchen and to Hannah for helping with the crafts.

Our parents and children celebrated Albania’s Independence Day with us!

Our Teacher Arjeta did a fantastic job, we are so proud of all of the kids, they all did great.

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