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Our Friday Friendship groups have been buzzing with members old and new! We have enjoyed welcoming several new members who have joined the group after coming along to our Tuesday drop- in. We have been able to enjoy refreshments and great conversation: a fantastic opportunity to practice speaking English for many of our ESOL students! We have been joined at our groups by several guest speakers. For instance, a nurse from Southend’s Immunisation team came to talk to us about the Covid vaccination programme for children. This enabled members of the group to ask questions and discuss any anxieties about the vaccine.

A real highlight of the group in recent weeks, was the sharing of some fantastic Turkish and Ukrainian foods made by our members! It is always a pleasure to try foods from different parts of the world, and learn about each other’s traditions and cultures. We are very much hoping to repeat this experience in our groups soon.

We were also fortunate to be joined by Dr Nidhi, a local Doctor who is passionate about welcoming people to the area and providing information about women’s health. She was able to offer valuable advice about accessing local health services. We are looking forward to hosting workshops in Menopause and other topics, led by Dr Nidhi.

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