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Sexual Health Information with Brook Southend Clinic

Rachel from Brook Sexual Health Clinic came to give us information and advice about all the free services available regarding sexual health, including different forms of birth control, as well as STI prevention and testing. For more information, click here.

Healthy Eating for Children with Southend West Central PCN.

Nurse Kate and Nurse Lionah came to our hub to give us help and advice on healthy eating. We saw what healthy portions looked like fo each food group. They answered all of our questions and concern about our childrens' diet. If you would like some help with getting your child on the right track for a healthier diet, please, click here

Perinatal Mental Health with EELGA and EPUT

We had midwives and perinatal mental healthcare practitioners in the hub. They talked to a group of women who were either pregnant or had recently had a baby. We discussed different mental health issues revolving around becoming a mother, as well as the different types of help available before and after the birth, to support both mum and dad’s mental health. For more information, click here.

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