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Our weekly drop-in sessions for Ukrainian refugees and their hosts take place every Tuesday morning. Members of Southend City Council's Resettlement Team, interpreters and representatives from local organisations (SVP, SACC, ABSS, Southend Family Centres, etc.) come to the hub to give information and support with anything from job applications to housing.

Since September, we have been supporting local hotels housing asylum seekers.

With the help of our local community, we have managed to collect and deliver over 100 bags of clothes, as well as shoes, backpacks and toys.

We are also providing four ESOL lessons per week on-site, for one hotel which is too far from our hub. The refugees housed in this hotel cannot afford public transport. Providing on-site lessons enables them to start the process of integrating within our community. We have been collaborating with Care 4 Calais, Barnardos, Southend Family Centres and local churches to provide essential services and items for the hotels.

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