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It can be very difficult to help our children with their homework, especially for parents who do not speak English with confidence. We are here to help your family with their school work. Simply come to our hub on Tuesdays at 4pm with your child and their homework, and Zoe, Molly and Elsa will help them.

This club has been very popular and the everyone has enjoyed taking part. Fell free to come and check it out!

When moving to the UK, children attend school and start speaking English more than their native language. We think it is important to help them retain their first language as it is such an advantage to speak more than one language! We were very lucky to find a teacher of Albanian. The children have been enjoying taking part in lessons every Saturday morning. If you would like to know more, please contact Ilda.

The picture below is from a special event organised by our Albanian teacher, Arjeta, to celebrate the Albanian Independance Day.

We would love to offer the same opportunity to other children, so if you are a qualified teacher and speak Spanish, Ukrainian, Urdu, etc. Please contact us if you would like to help children retain their first language.

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