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March continued to be a busy month, and on Tuesday 8th, we celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting an empowering event at the Park Inn Hotel. 

As a charity that mainly supports women, we wanted to give back to the community and thank them for their continued support. Members of the charity and the people we work in close partnership with were invited so that we could all be together to learn from each other, talk, relax and embrace each other as sisters! It was a day of icebreakers, fun, music and networking. It was also an opportunity for local businesswomen and community leaders to inspire the audience by talking about their journeys to achieve their career and life goals. There were speeches covering mental health and support, how to be more confident, how to overcome language barriers and hurdles people face not only as women but as immigrants and so much more, including free makeovers! 

The event concluded with guests being able to talk face to face with their peers, ask questions, get to understand their journey more and really benefit from their guidance, help and advice. With around 100 people in attendance, it was a positive, fun and inspirational day full of respect, love and hope.

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