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We are pleased to be featured in a great new initiative –, a one-stop shop for advice and information for Ukrainian Nationals and their sponsors. We will continue to do all that we can make newcomer's arrival in Southend as comfortable as possible.

Onesouthend speaks with Ilda Stafa the founder and co-ordinater of the Welcome to the UK Charity. In this podcast we cover how Welcome to the UK became a charity and what it offers, we also discuss the EU Settlement and how the charity can help you apply even if you miss the deadline.

Our Tuesday drop-in sessions for Ukrainian Nationals have been very busy, as more families arrive in the local area. With the help of our partners (Citizens Advice, Southend Adult Community College, South Essex College, Southend Food Bank, Queensway Surgery, Wellbeing Garon Park, Southend Family Centres, etc.) we have been able to provide support with accessing benefits, housing, education, employment and with practical issues such as food, clothes and travel. 

Arriving in a country under difficult circumstances can be very challenging, especially when speaking very little English. We have been pleased to receive a donation of English-Ukrainian textbooks to help people get a headstart on learning the language. Whilst we aim to offer English classes to all those in need, we hope the books will be a welcome introduction whilst they await for a space in ESOL classes .

We would like to express a heartfelt thank you to Southend Borough Council and their amazing team for their continued support with these sessions. 

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