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16, 19 and 21 December

We had another great Saturday – our work doesnt stop at the the weekends and we want to keep you all engaged too! A big Thank you to Eduardo and Issis, our amazing volunteers.

The festive spirit wasnt just in Southend, our Grays team had a lovely session too - in our LifeSkills workshop we talked about becoming confident with our communication skills and shared stories of our special family times, wrote festive cards and shared food and presents!

Thank you to Family Action toy appeal for all the wonderful gift.

Staying in Grays, we had a very well

attended Friendship Group – a festive special!

A huge thank you to our guest Kelly from Shaw Trust who came to speak about her job & how we can support the community with finding jobs and employment support.

Our services in Grays then closed for the Christmas period.

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