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Tea and Tots at the Hub

A huge thank you to Chandrika and Rajvinder for bringing home-baked delicious food to our ESOL class and for telling us about Diwali.

We love learning about new cultures and food is always a bonus!

A special event for our very youngest members aged between 0 and 3 years old – and their parents of course!

We held a special edition of "Tea and Tots" in our hub. "Tea and Tots" is a free activity for parents and babies living in Southend. Everyone got lots of information about various services, as well as get help and advice.

This group is a lovely place to be around other parents and have a cuppa and a chat and of course, for the children to engage and learn some essential social skills!

Another fantastic friendship group was held in Grays - we had new members coming in alongside our incredible volunteers and our admin Hala.

Thanks to the ‘multiply fund’ we started running a workshop to learn and know more about on-line banking, a very useful skill in the UK as most British banks have online banking, apps to use and advice on savings, transferring money overseas and Goverment support, like ISA’s.

Multiply is funding from the UK Government focused on raising participation in learning and attainment in Maths for adults aged 19 and over.

We are delivering Multiply activities thanks to the support of Thurrock Council and Thurrock Adult Community College.

We will carry on again next week and can’t wait to see you all then.

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