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Craft Workshop

A huge thank you to Fiona from @trustlinkscharity for running a special craft/gardening

workshop for us! We have thoroughly enjoyed these workshops and we look forward to another successful year of collaborating and planning more engaging events!

Fiona from Trustlinks came to the hub to help us make Christmas crafts.

It was very relaxing and we can't wait for the next Christmas to see what else we can put our skills to! We love to see people be creative, re-use old materials and try new things.

Many of you joined us on Saturday, December 9th to listen to traditional Christmas Carols sung by the wonderful Citadel Gospel Choir of the Southend Salvation Army.

The event was free of course and we served free hot drinks to keep everyone warm! The festive spirit was everywhere and it was so lovely to be part of everyone's plans!

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