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Partnerships with local organisations

Welcome to the UK is a very small charity with a very big heart. Working in partnership with other organisations enables us to help more people and to offer a wide range of opportunities to our members. We are stronger when we work together!

Volunteering Programme with SVP

In August and July, we worked with St Vincent's Centre (SVP) to

support Asylum Seekers with getting out into the community in the fresh air. The aim of the summer project was to support their mental health by getting outside, help a local charity that supports homeless people, get to know other community members and have fun with their own families.

Our volunteering project with Southend Museums is

enabling our members to gain valuable experience in handling precious artefacts and historical items. They are getting training and experience in volunteering. This will look great on their CV and gives them a chance to give back to our community.

Cultural Meals with Trustlinks

Lifeskills Programme with Family Action

Friendship Meals with Garon Park

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